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Today’s tech enables previously unimaginable

opportunities and one needs to constantly evolve

with the ever-changing times to better cater to

their customers.

Advertising, online sales, and customer management have transformed significantly and will continue to change in the post-digital age. Customers increasingly expect enterprises to interact via effective 121 conversations in real-time. Enterprises are unable to do so for many reasons including a traditional way of doing things, dated tech, high costs, and sheer scale which impacts enterprise-customer relationships, and hence enterprise profitability and value.

This is where we come in…

ORI is an end-to-end customer experience company focusing on quicker, better, and cost-effective customer journeys to create innovative brand experiences. We are leading the way into the future of human-machine conversations that mimic near-human interactions. We develop completely connected, cognitive, multilingual, omnichannel bots through the application of design thinking principles, and leading technologies. What you get in return is much more for much less. More insights, more leads, and better customer experience at lesser costs.

The Team

Maaz Ansari

Anurag Jain

Vivek Vaibhav
Frontend Lead

Tanuj Srivastava
AVP Product & Growth

Luv Tanwani
Analytics Lead

Delivery Lead

Nipun Jain
DevOps Lead

Saddam Hussain
AI Lead

Sanath Shetty
Customer Success

Heeba Ansari
Conversational UX Specialist

Manu Sharma
Senior Manager - HR

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