Around 60% of millennials have used conversational AI and 70% of them have had positive experiences. Conversational AI enables you to be present for new-age learners who seek recommendations. Many queries about courses, faculty, scholarships, etc. are occasionally sent to educational institutions.

Chatbots guarantee that the students receive relevant information and the application to move forward as soon as possible. This helps in streamlining the enrollment process and makes it more efficient.

Furthermore, conversational AI can also be integrated into marketing campaigns to provide personalized recommendations via WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, for courses and programs based on a student’s interest. This targeted approach helps in increasing conversions and driving sales.

Enhanced Learning Experiences:

Conversational AI chatbots can enhance students’ conceptual understanding in a more rapid, effective, and interesting way. An educational chatbot helps students review key ideas before tests, conduct topical quizzes, or address general questions.

Empathetic conversational design is the key to creating an effective educational chatbot. The chatbots can be programmed to help pupils establish connections like those between students and teachers.

Automated program-related reminders:

Sometimes students fail to check their mailboxes, missing out on critical information. EdTech chatbots can assist parents and students in staying up to date with new learning modules, exam dates, and course revisions.

 It enables educational institutions to send intelligent alerts and notifications to students directly over their preferred messaging channels.

Enhanced Student Support:

Schools, universities, or institutes may have superior faculty and a wide range of course offerings, but if they don’t actively respond to inquiries from potential students, they risk losing interest.

Therefore, having a strong and efficient student support structure in place is important. Well-trained AI chatbots can provide prompt answers to FAQs about courses, fee payments, and other topics. Chatbots are capable of handling everything from providing assistance with the initial admissions process to daily class updates. Additionally, you can also ask for student feedback on your course via quick surveys.

To Conclude:

Due to rapid advancements in technology, the popularity of AI in Education has spiked. Oriserve helps Educational institutions in creating a consistent conversational experience across multiple channels in more than 150 languages.

Having worked with world-class brands like Education First, Ori’s conversational AI has the ability to boost sales, configure answers to FAQs, and offer Education-specific automation for workflows like course registration, exam notifications, etc.

So, if you’re an institution wanting to boost marketing, sales, and customer service while also taking your e-learning platform to a whole new level, schedule a demo with Oriserve right away.

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