Accelerate personalised customer interactions with Google Business Messages.

Personalisation with Google Business Messages.


  • A study found that 75 percent of consumers prefer to message a brand rather than contact them over traditional channels, like the phone.
  • Nearly nine in ten online journeys begin with Google Search or Google Maps, as well as 35 percent of all product searches.
  • According to Hubspot, Google has 92.42% of the search engine market share worldwide. That translates to approximately 72% of all desktops and 92% of the mobile search engine market share. 
  • Google Maps and Google Search are features that nearly all internet users use. 

Google's latest offering, Google Business Messages (GBM), allows your brand to present a ‘message’ button on the Google Business Search Page or your Google Search Ad helping  your customers start a conversation with your business at the click of a button. 

Why should businesses use Google Business Messages?

The top reasons for businesses losing  customers are -  poor customer service, inability to tend to customers, and long customer service wait times.

Google Business Messages allow customers to receive customer service any time with the simple click of a button. With rich features such as images, document sharing and media files - Google Business Messaging enables brands to offer customers quick pre-sales service along with a plethora of post sales services as well. 

With the proliferation of messaging channels, customers are increasingly preferring messaging to calling. 

It is an excellent feature for businesses as their customers can now contact them quickly, and customer retention will be easier with Google Business Messages than it was earlier. 

Google Business Messages easily integrates with any company’s customer platform that operates digitally. Convert by ORI provides an easy-to-use and user-friendly agent desktop service for your business to handle all your messages in one place.

Key aspects of Google Business Messages. 

  1. It helps you connect and engage with customers who are already on Google Maps and Google Search. This allows you to broaden your customer base and enrich your customer experience. 
  2. Offer timely and personalised conversations that lead to customer satisfaction. Everyone loves a personal touch. 
  3. Drive more sales with comprehensive business messaging on Google. Personalised conversations lead to increased interest, furthering engagement and purchases. 
  4. Drive relevance through intent based conversation triggers. 

Features of Google Business Messages: 


  • Google Business Messages allows customers to find the solution or product quickly and easily, directly from Google Search results. 
  • Capture customer interest at the time they need your solution the most. Right at Zero Moment of Truth. 
  • Share rich media in the form of images, docs, videos, APK files directly within Google Business Messages. 
  • Up-sell, cross-sell manage retention with contextual triggers and enhanced free re-engagement.  

Insight and Analytics

  • As a brand owner, you get insights on Impressions, clicks, search volumes within the Google Business dashboard. 

  • Conversational insights and analytics are made available through your Business messages partner - like Convert. Access to these conversational analytics gives you deep insights on customer preferences, intent and even sentiments. 
  • Business Messages also enables a live agent interaction, where a live agent Human-like conversations lead to personalised engagement and higher relationship building. 

Human-like Conversations:


  • Google Business Messages make contacting a business as easy as messaging a friend.
  • If you are a customer looking to check availability of a product at your favorite store, or want to check whether those spectacles are ready for pick-up, you can simply message the business from Search results and get information within seconds.
  • Synchronised conversations across Google's channels keep the conversation flowing. This allows keeping the context intact if the customers leave and want to return later. 
  • Customers can get personalised recommendations, content, answers, and products that suit them individually.
  • Customers are likely to suggest you to their friends and family and leave positive reviews and ratings on Google and your pages. 



  • With native Google My Business features like wait times and automated responses to frequently asked questions along with Convert’s ability to automate complex use cases - Google Business Messages empowers your brand to provide faster and more efficient customer communications, leading to increased sales. 
  • Your customers are spread across time zones and regions. With the power of Google Business Messages and Convert AI's automation - your brand has the power to connect with these users no matter what time of the day. Thus, accelerating customer conversations and revenue. 

Sales and Marketing via Google Business Messages:

  1. Personalised and context-relevant conversations. These are triggered basis user intent and search intent creating a seamless conversational experience. 
  2. Re-engagement through drip campaigns after a user has interacted with your business. 
  3. Returning customers and even new customers, receive customised recommendations through conversational insights. This leads to curated up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.  

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