Augment your sales process to drive 8X more conversions. Here’s how!

Augment your sales process to improve conversions by 8X.

Organisations are constantly looking to optimise and augment their sales processes to drive better results, conversions and productivity. 

The best way to augment your sales process is to keep in touch with existing and potential customers whenever and wherever they need. 

However, with today's multifaceted channels across social and dark social it seems humanly impossible to effectively do so. There is a silver lining here though. Conversational AI is what will help you here by enabling instant, relevant and persistent communication with your prospects helping you augment your sales process and drive conversions. 

Here is how augmenting your sales using conversational AI can help you drive improved conversions:

1. Engage Cold visitors through contextual and human-like conversations using AI:

 Your website has different types of visitors depending on preferences and behaviours. Some of them actively engage in the website and others are aimlessly browsing. Which can be categorized as cold visitors. But with conversational AI like Convert AI there is an additional lever that you can use to engage them. 

Conversational AI interacts with visitors the way a human does. It greets the visitors and asks them questions to generate interest, intent which are then converted into prospects.

With the presence of a virtual AI agent or a smart chatbot, they are more likely to engage with your website and give you some information about their preferences. 

2. Replicate offline agent to customer relationships to online customer journeys:

With conversational AI it is super easy to build rapid and long-lasting relationships with customers. It can also act as a guiding light when customers are trying to buy something. Convert by ORI ensures that the entire buying process is smooth and adheres to all queries of customers. That makes it as good as an offline agent helping buyers throughout the buyer journey. Imagine a customer is trying to buy a product on your website and there is nothing to guide him through the process wouldn’t that be irritating for the customer and you might even lose the customer base that you have built working so hard. 

3. Use conversational analytics and Insights to upsell and cross-sell at scale:

Conversational AI can be a great help when it comes to automating upselling and cross-selling. The user preferences, insights and conversational analytics that you get using a conversational AI tool like Convert AI -  can be used for upselling and cross-selling at scale. The best thing about this whole process is that the analytics are auto-generated. And can be used to get deeper insights into your business.

4. Enrich your CRM with context-rich user personas and insights with a layer of AI:

Conversational AI is increasingly being used as a sales enablement tool across industries and teams. It helps the sales teams to generate leads and helps them sell better and at a faster pace. It acts as a crucial factor to enrich your CRM with conversational insights and when your CRM is updated, your sales are ought to shine. 

5. Get complete visibility across your sales & marketing teams:


Visibility across the sales and marketing teams is undeniably the most important factor. 

Conversational AI systems like Convert AI - enable sales and marketing leaders to get complete insight across their teams, dealerships as well as other offline touchpoints and regions.


Who doesn’t want augmented sales and substantial conversions? Businesses strive for It day- night. The sales team works for it tirelessly but many times all the hard work you put into that doesn’t payback. This is because there is this underlying factor of communication and keeping in touch 24/7. Here you could use a little support from Sales acceleration platforms such as Convert to augment your sales process and drive 8 times more conversions.

Here is how Bajaj Auto Skyrocketed conversions by 14X! 

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