Conversational commerce has the potential to accelerate the growth of your brand while improving customer experience. It is critical to understand the capabilities and avoid some of the mistakes while deploying conversational AI.

Mistake #1: Beginning Without an Effective Plan & Strategy

Conversational AI is as good as the information it has regarding your brand, customers, and your product or service. While the AI is quick to learn and adapt as it starts conversing with customers, it is advisable to carefully plan the nuances.

The purpose of developing a conversational AI project influences the plan for creating an effective conversational AI solution.

Develop a plan by examining your customers’ motivations and then modifying the tone, technique, and AI behavior.

Mistake #2: Your First Use-Case

Conversational AI has been deployed largely for rule-based linear customer support. No secret that the experience can be a little frustrating at times interacting with such bots. Real conversational AI understands intent, dialects, sentiments, and multiple requests in the same sentence.

Deploy real conversational AI solutions for your top and middle of the funnel, to begin with. This will allow the AI to learn as it pushes the customer down the sales funnel with intelligent contextual conversations. Treat your AI like a Sales agent who will mature to delight your customers.

Mistake #3: No Hybrid (AI+Human) Approach

We are still in the early days of conversational AI-based end-to-end effective customer transition. According to American Express, 23% of consumers still prefer human interaction in complex issues.

Deploying an AI solution that is capable of handing over the chat or a call to a live agent with context-rich and structured conversational data can be the most effective approach.

A hybrid solution will bring efficacy, profits, and a better experience.

Mistake #4: Continuous Training & Tracking AI’s performance

A real conversational AI has the ability to continuously self-learn from available sources and conversations. That still does not mean the AI requires no human intelligence to optimize its paths toward the objective.

Appointing a SPOC for the AI, who can guide the AI in learning responses or understanding context will create a profitable and rewarding experience. Tracking key metrics of your conversational AI can help dramatically improve its performance.

Mistake #5: Ignoring the Trends & Predictions

Newer technology stacks and methods are being added to conversational AI daily. Conversational AI is becoming intelligent and capable as we interact more and more with it. That means it becomes imperative to keep an eye out for early trends.

This will help you design the best-updated conversational AI solution that suits your business needs and helps you outperform your KPIs.

Check out the list of the top 5 trends we recently published for conversational AI adoption for 2023.

If you’re a brand or an enterprise looking to take advantage of the world of conversational AI, consider these 5 points and move ahead and upwards.

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