Conversational AI and Business Messages : Helping brands drive conversions and retention

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“Google Business Messages drives a booming close to  85% CSAT scores for Levi Strauss.” Isn’t that amazing? According to the Vice President of Product experience at Levi’s, today’s consumer wants their problems to be heard. And that’s where google business messages being of sole purpose helps brands and businesses create a rich customer experience by enabling them to do a better job at ‘hearing’ their customers and uncovering new exciting ways to delight their consumer base.

But what exactly is Google business messaging? And how is its collaboration with Conversational AI, a partnership leading the future of modern-day businesses? This blog will help you discover the answer to all these numerous questions along with also letting you understand how you too can gain benefits from this grand integration.

What is Google Business Messaging and how does it work?

Google helps organizations expand at a striking rate by accumulating various data, tools, and resources. It also provides organizations with an end-to-end marketing and branding solution. From a simple company listing to displaying ads and search engine ads, Google caters to any and all types of target audiences.

People have been using Google Search and Google Maps to find information related to businesses for the last few decades. Though finding the location basic info listed in their Google Business (GMB) profile is easy. It hasn’t been that easy to actually contact the business, up until now. 

In brief, Google Business Messaging is a messenger tool that helps consumers get in touch with businesses in real-time, straight from their Google Business Profile listing. This means that customers now have the power of reaching out to business directly from the search results, without having to go through the trouble of searching for your website and looking for a potential email address or a phone number that will lead them to you.

But how does this actually work? The answer to this is simple.

Think of GBM as a form of instant messaging. When a person activates the Messaging feature on the supported apps, customers will be able to see a Message button on their GMB listing. The button is only visible when your profile comes up in both Google Search and Google Maps. GBM is basically a channel that is solely driven by high intent searches. Its most effective entry points are from Google web or map searches, where people are continuously searching for shops, businesses, or products and can be engaged at the earliest point of their search. If for instance, a customer is applying for a  credit card application, and couldn’t complete the process due to a sudden interruption, hence on the website they’re lost.

If the conversation starts with GBM, after entering the channel through a web search, there’s a second chance to engage and get help finishing what they started. Using Convert’s follow-up notifications, the consumer is re-engaged and the brand doesn’t miss out on an opportunity of converting a new customer or the ability to provide conversational experiences throughout time. 

But what exactly is Conversational AI and how is the integration of Convert and GBM tends to be the perfect conversational marketing partner for businesses? We’ll take a closer look into that below.

Things to remember while using Google business messaging

Though the process of signing up and usage of google business messages is quite seamless these are some of the points you should absolutely take care of while using google business messages to get a positive outcome :

  1. Curation of an engaging welcome message that garners attention from customers.
  2. The average response time should be as low as it could be to catch the highly powered intent of consumers.
  3. Look out to solve customers’ apposite queries optimistically.
  4. Cross-selling and other feedback should be as short as they could be.
  5. Make sure that the consumer’s doubts are cleared.

Keeping all this in mind and using it at the correct time will certainly lead to customer satisfaction and increased growth.

The Integration of GBM and Conversational AI: A partnership towards amelioration of future

Google Business Messaging has all the features of deriving growth to businesses. But the increase in the competition of the industrial space and less amount of time available to the businesses has brought forward the need for automation and integration of GBM with Conversational AI. And this is where Convert by Ori comes into play.

Convert is an advanced Conversational AI that has the capability of boosting customer communication across sales, advertising, and marketing to drive better and more meaningful conversations. This in turn reduces the CAC and gives the company results that you would’ve otherwise never expected. It is an effective, immersive, and elegant method to fast track your sales from the time a customer starts researching about his desired need to the time where he buys it. 

The unification of Convert and GBM further turned on to become the partnership leading towards the betterment of future businesses. 


Following are the pros of integrating Google business messages with Convert :

  • Customer Experience and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are integrating to offer an exceptional customer experience. Consumer experience is wholly taken care of with the usage of Google Business Messaging (GBM). Businesses can further improve their customer experience by automating it with Convert which will offer them better results as compared to traditional marketing automation techniques.
  • Instant resolution to the queries by using Conversational AI: Businesses can now easily automate Google Business Messaging by using the power of automation and conversational AI offered by Convert depending upon the queries they receive which also gives the advantage of little or no waiting time.
  • The integration is paving the way for Online-to-Offline business discovery which has seen decrement as the market has seen a massive change in the way customers interact with the local businesses since the inception of pandemic and new-age technology and this has significantly cluttered out the issue.
  • Live agents can take over in case of a complex query resolution which can also be termed as the integration of AI and humans working for the sole purpose of growth.

All these features and advantages make the unification of Google business Messages and Conversational AI the need of the hour for growing businesses in 2022.

Summary and Conclusion :

To sum up, all the impactful features of Conversational AI coupled with that of GBM helps Commercial industries derive growth by :

  • Causing an increment in brand visibility.
  • Lead generation at an effective cost.
  • Easier product discovery on a larger scale.
  • Resolving customer queries 24x7, leading to customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing CSAT and leveraging organic growth.

So to conclude, there cannot be a perfect time other than now to adopt the offerings of Convert as an automated Conversational AI tool for clinching the advantages of GBM which will further improve your customer satisfaction and overall sales performance by seven times.

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