Conversational AI has the potential to boost airline sales by automating customer service processes. Airlines can use AI to identify consumer wants and preferences based on past travel patterns and then can respond to frequent customer inquiries about flight schedules, ticket costs, baggage allowance, etc.

#2 Speeding up the check-in process:

Another use case for conversational AI in aviation is in the check-in process. Many airlines are already using self-service kiosks for check-in, but these kiosks can be difficult for some customers to use. By using conversational AI, airlines can provide a more intuitive and user-friendly check-in experience.

A consumer may, for instance, use a chatbot to check in for a flight by just entering their confirmation number and responding to a few questions. Customers would therefore experience a quicker and less frustrating check-in process.

#3 Enhancing the In-Flight Experiences:

According to a poll published by Travel Daily News, 75% of consumers said they heavily rely on chatbots for travel bookings, and 66% of them said they found travel chatbots “helpful” for doing so. Conversational AI can be used to improve the in-flight experience for such passengers.

Airlines can use chatbots to provide flight information, such as the estimated arrival time and the current local weather. Passengers can also use these chatbots for ordering food and drinks and requesting special accommodations. This helps airlines to create a more personalized and enjoyable in-flight experience for passengers.


In conclusion, conversational AI has many potential use cases in the aviation industry. It is already seeing the benefits of AI, and it’s expected that this technology will continue to be adopted by more and more airlines in the near future. With a proven track record of working and delivering the desired results for Air Arabia, Ori is the best in business for conversational services in more than 150 languages and dialects.

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