Lift sales by 5X using WhatsApp 2 way communication. How the MoEngage and Convert by ORI partnership changes the sales automation landscape.

Convert by ORI partners with MoEngage

Convert by ORI, voted by Google as the #1 B2C conversational revenue acceleration platform has partnered with MoEngage which is amongst the fastest growing customer engagement platforms to bring the power of 2-way sales conversations on WhatsApp. It can do this in over 70 global languages and their regional dialects (Indian, SEA, GCC languages) such as Bahasa, Singlish, Hinglish, Tamil, Bengali, Arabic etc.

With a focus on improving conversions across Whatsapp and conversational channels, Convert by ORI has delivered impressive results across Customer Value Management journeys, including Lead Generation, Sales Conversion and Customer Win Backs. 

Driving lift in conversions through automated conversations.

MoEngage is an intelligent customer engagement platform, with AI-powered customer journey orchestration, that helps brands personalize notifications and offers at scale. 

The MoEngage and Convert partnership helps Marketing and Product teams run two-way conversational campaigns on WhatsApp (and 40+ other communication channels) from within MoEngage.

How the MoEngage and Convert Partnership works.

This partnership further strengthens the MoEngage platform offering brands conversational sales capabilities which can be leveraged through Whatsapp (and other leading communication channels). With today’s customers looking for instant and personalized experiences - this partnership enables brands to deliver context-rich, instant and hyper-personalized experiences to their customers on the channels they prefer.

This partnership further strengthens the conversion and customer value management capability within the MoEngage platform. 

The two-way communications feature is open to MoEngage customers across regions. 

Maaz Ansari, Co-founder at Convert by ORI says, “ Through this partnership, the MoEngage and Convert solution helps marketers and product owners shape beautiful customer communications across Whatsapp and other channels (40+) to enable relevant, context rich, instant and hyper-personalized conversations that drive real value.”

Anurag Jain, Co-founder at Convert by ORI says, “Brands are realizing the high potential of Conversational channels to amplify engagement, improve revenue generation and increase CLTV. Meta allowing promotional messages on Whatsapp is a big move in this direction. With the MoEngage partnership we are taking a step further in helping brands be more connected with their customers.”

Seema Bhandari, Partnerships lead at MoEngage says, “We are always looking to bolster our platform and create seamless integrations that can add value to our existing and new customers. Partnering with a Google Awarded Conversational Sales platform like Convert by ORI will help us create immense value that further helps our customers while also helping us build a robust tech ecosystem.”

About MoEngage

MoEngage is an intelligent customer engagement platform, built for the user obsessed marketer. With AI-powered customer journey orchestration and personalisation capabilities, MoEngage enables hyper-personalisation at scale across mobile, email, web, SMS and messaging channels.

About Convert by ORI

Convert by ORI supercharges conversions through instant, relevant and persistent, humanized AI conversations across messaging, voice & advertising channels (70+ channels).

Through human-like automated conversational experiences - Convert enables an automated immediate, personal, responsive and context-rich online assisted sales experience that enables lift in bottom-funnel metrics.

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