Here is how you can use Facebook Messenger bots to fast-track conversions

Chatbot use cases

The one AI-powered messaging channel that has changed the marketing game entirely are the facebook messaging bots. Transforming businesses across the world, they wield enormous power for whatever business you’re in.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots allow an automated conversation with people who click on Facebook Messenger to start a dialogue.

Menus or keywords direct customers to the necessary steps, saving time and eliminating frivolous requests that don't lead to sales. It’s an easy way to allow people to interact with businesses, self-serve or buy tickets for an event, get directions, see a menu, set up an appointment, or ask questions about a product or service. 

It is a significant opportunity to display the brand on the screen and generate sales. Facebook Messenger users represent a large portion of the customer market in eCommerce — and linking to the business’s Facebook community with a Facebook Messenger bot is increasingly being considered an absolute win in terms of customer experience and customer effectiveness. 

Here is how your brand can use Facebook Messenger to increase conversions. 

Using Facebook Messenger Bots to Increase Conversion

On Facebook Messenger, businesses and users exchange more than 20 billion messages every month. By answering questions and performing most of the preliminary work usually performed by customer service staff, chatbots can help ease the buying process and increase conversions. 

A Facebook Messenger chatbot is a must-have tool for someone doing Facebook marketing to increase conversion rate. Let’s see how a chatbot serves a business at its best.

Providing Instant Customer Service for Facebook Audience

The most challenging task is to satisfy customers and their needs. Once businesses do it, they win the game. Many AI tools increase conversions. However, on Facebook, there are 1.3 billion Messenger users globally, which provides marketers with a big platform to cater to the audience. As a result, Facebook Messenger chatbots work exceptionally well for marketers. 

Facebook shows products, and instant messenger bots give support to the customers. While building chatbots, the focus should be on keeping the FAQs related to the product in mind. It is essential to have exceptional consumer care to improve retention rates and help businesses stand out from the competition. 

High-quality content and to-the-point answers assure customers that the company is committed to providing maximum help in deciding whether they should buy.

Messenger Bots Helps to Generate Sales-Driven Results 

Having a conversation with a Facebook Messenger chatbot helps uplift company product sales. When people experience good customer care, they usually stick around. Creating a great customer experience - also helps create a positive preference in the customer's mind.  

Facebook Messenger chatbots directly linked to websites can increase conversion rates with Facebook marketing and website marketing.

Many leading brands use Facebook Messenger marketing to provide instant help with chatbots that convince customers about their products and services. Facebook Messenger bots have reasonable click-through rates ranging from 70% to 90%, which is 2 to 4 times better than email.

Build Brand Awareness that makes People visit for Product

When a customer clicks the “send message” button, they expect a fully detailed view of the products or services offered by the brand. Hence, without wasting customers’ time, they know about the business by seeing the description when they click the button. Additionally, companies can also set the logo's icon to memorise the brand at first sight. 

Brands can also embed some quick and concise FAQs about the company to increase brand awareness. 

From Facebook's Comment Section To Messenger Bot

When it comes to increasing conversion rates, brands must capture the audience. The right combination of eye-catching products with exciting content will attract customers.

Facebook makes room for brands to simplify activities on their Facebook pages. Ads help brands to approach the audience quickly. When people see ads or wish to purchase a product, they will undoubtedly visit the brand’s page and engage with it. 

While engaging, customers can be easily engaged via a Facebook Messenger chatbot. The Facebook messenger chatbot instantly replies to customer queries, and users can talk and get information about the product comfortably, ensuring a high conversion rate.

Send Product Videos to Maximize the worth of Customer’s Lifetime

Video marketing is another way to engage customers without making them feel bored. Video content on any website, Facebook page, or other channel makes the audience spend a minute watching it. So why not in a Facebook messenger bot? 

As soon as the customer interacts with the Facebook messenger bot and wants a quick look at the product, brands can send them related videos using the bot. They don’t need to wander different channels as the bots make product demos just a click away. 

According to the study, reasonable click-through rates are 28% to 48%, almost double the email click-through rates. Brands can also send new broadcasts, but they should be limited to once a week.

Messenger Bots Allow To Include Augmented Reality

It is high time to compete in this digital era. Many leading brands use Augmented reality in their Facebook messenger bots. This helps customers take a quick look at products through the chatbots and increases ROI and the conversion rate. 


Embedding virtual reality in chatbots makes shopping easy for people who have not trusted online shopping.

Many people are still unhappy with online shopping because they have had bad experiences with online retailers. It may be from customer support or product quality.

Immediate Feedback via Messenger Bots With Customers

To increase the conversion rate, brands need to optimise their service frequently. The key to success is understanding the audience's needs, satisfaction levels, and what they want basing on the changing demand patterns.

It will surely help businesses research business products by putting themselves in the customer’s shoes. Additionally, they can try to offer giveaways to customers in return for their time. The Facebook Messenger chatbots can offer giveaways to customers whenever the brands want. Facebook messenger bots can send exciting news to customers about seasonal sales, new arrivals, and any discount offers.

Further, brands can conduct Facebook contests through the messenger chatbot. Through this, they can engage customers in fun-loving activities to make them remember the brand and spread the word in the community.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger Bots?

Facebook messenger chatbot is an excellent tool for E-commerce marketing. Many people are using social platforms for shopping, due to which online marketing is expanding at a rapid pace.

A Facebook Messenger chatbot is computer software that can communicate like a human, but unlike humans, chatbots do not need to rest, break, and not be late. It works like a mimic boy who helps customers by giving responses exactly how the companies program them. 

Eventually, it becomes an assistant to making good decisions throughout the buyer's journey. When spoken to, the bot will automatically respond, gather data, and give users the necessary messages based on the user's actions, which is not possible via emails.

For some people, a Facebook Messenger bot saves time. Sometimes users trust them and fearlessly shop while sitting at home. Therefore, brands must build trust among customers to go further with their products or services.

Let’s look at why brands should use Facebook messenger bots.

1. Ready To Go Replies

If the company wants to acquire customers, it shouldn't make them wait for a long time. The customers expect the companies to provide information all the time as the customers can come at midnight or early morning or whatever time they get free. 

When they are scrolling on Facebook, and they see the desired products or services, they jump on the messenger to chat with the company and get information. 

The solution is Facebook chatbots that instantly reply to the customers as soon as they click on the “send message” button and give authentic replies in seconds. Facebook Messenger bots are programmed to instantly respond to any query, booking information, and assistance.

2. Reach Audience Faster

It is found that the open rate of Facebook messages is frequently higher than emails. As soon as the user comes to the brand’s page through any referral link or ad, the Facebook Messenger bots can assist the visitors.

In addition, Facebook Messenger has paid advertisements that can be showcased to someone who has been recently in contact with the brand’s profile. This implies that there is access to a readymade user list. To attract high-quality clients, brands should use these ads in addition to the chatbot.

3. Save Time And Money for Customer Agents

Every day, companies have to tackle the same queries and issues like tracking the product, cancelling the booking, refund procedure, etc. It takes time, and if there are not many agents to resolve the customer issues, the customers can have a bad experience.

While hiring customer support agents, companies must pay them or sometimes hire agents for night shifts to assist customers round the clock. 

Therefore, to avoid such situations and provide timeless services at reduced costs, Facebook messenger bots are the go-to tool. A Facebook messenger bot works 24/7 efficiently. It responds almost instantaneously and reduces the burden of customer support agents to maximise sales.

4. Messenger Bot like a Lead Finder

When supporting companies to attract customers and prospects, Facebook messenger bots can acquire leads by giving a personalised touch to the customers and trying to build loyalty. They fetch the basic information from targeted customers so that the business can easily find a way of reaching out to them in the future. Companies can also make a user-friendly lead generation chatbot to get the information quickly without bothering the customers. 

5. A Reasonable Suggestion with Bots

It's impressive to see the suggestions that bots provide to customers. It works like, which flavour do you need”? Or Have some fries with that? Or Do you want to try our new flavour?

These look super cool and a worthwhile suggestion for the foodie customers. Not only do foodies customers, even in the clothing business, transportation business, or any other, but brands can also make their own suggested in-line products.  

6. Engage And Re-engage Customers

It is vital to understand and focus on the sales funnel process. How efficiently do companies use sales funnels to track customers buying journeys? Suppose they are stuck on any of the funnel processes. In that case, the Facebook messenger bot reminds the customers that they didn’t complete their purchases (or they can remind them with some discount that was not initially offered to them).

Chatbot also works to re-engage the customers to let them complete their buyer journey. With their content and whenever new arrivals come, they remind them to buy new products. Facebook Messenger bots can engage them with some personalised offers at different events, so they can enjoy buying. 

7. The Bot can be where the Customers are

For business running in the US and a customer who wants to buy its product in Germany can be efficiently solved by communications and assistance from the Facebook messenger bots. Meanwhile, the Facebook Messenger chatbot sends a notification if customers need any human assistance, and thus, brands can easily communicate with them. Even if the customers want to book a service or buy a product, they can do it instantly by staying on the Facebook page and interacting with the Facebook Messenger bots.

8. Bots Can Be Traced

While using a chatbot brands can get all their customers' data as a chatbot owner. Not only this, but brands can even verify whether their chatbot is working as per the programming or it is encountering any technical difficulties.

Further, brands can keep a check on the bots daily or weekly, as they want. Brands can also understand how many people use the bot and what chatbot responded to them thus giving them access to powerful analytics. 

Hence, Facebook Messenger Bots help brands avoid long calls and save time and money with repetitive queries. 

A step closer towards effective Facebook Messenger bot integration

The following are a few things that must be taken care of to ensure the bot is as effective as possible - 

  • Give the bot a unique name — A unique name helps customers find the bot easily. Therefore, giving the bot a unique and distinctive name that stands out is essential.

  • Make it conversational — The customers will be talking like humans, which means the bot must mimic human conversation as much as possible. This will make the conversation awkward, the customer will not get their questions answered, and things will go nowhere.

  • Help customers out with prompts — A Facebook bot isn’t like a website, and the customers may not be aware of its usage unless the brand drops hints and prompts about it. Therefore, it is vital to set up automatic prompts so that the bot can lead conversations and guide customers along the way.

  • Keep things simple — The bot should avoid big words and awkward grammar as it is likely to confuse and alienate people. Also, the options offered to the customers should be simple. Giving everything at once will be confusing and overwhelming for customers.

Wrapping up

After having a long read, we are sure you are willing to build Facebook messenger bots for increasing your conversion rate as soon as possible. Using a chatbot offers you a lot more benefits.

It is important to find out the best platform that gives you many resources to make the best messenger bot. You will explore many other resources like plug-ins, conversational forms, analytics, live chat, etc.


Maybe we missed something that could help increase your conversions, so log in to Facebook Messenger Chatbot and explore by yourself and let us know what we missed. 

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