How conversational AI is shaping the future of the Education sector?

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We could have never predicted where we would land in the Global Pandemic but there is a brighter side to it. The year 2020 lead to more digitization than the last whole decade. Small and large businesses have managed to survive and rise in the digital wave. Fortune 500 companies and startups are investing highly in conversational AI chatbots to enhance their business processes in areas like customer service, employee support, workflow automation, employee onboarding, and more.  

Various sectors like healthcare, mass media, tourism, etc but how about the education sector? And how has it benefitted?

Where does the education sector stand as of now?

The education sector is no doubt the base sector of every sector but as we all know the pandemic didn’t leave this sector unaffected too. But it certainly digitized the education sector. It made online learning a thing and erased the distance factor. In all of this, AI technology bridged the gap that arose due to the pandemic. Significantly we witnessed many universities and educational institutions transforming the admission procedure online including virtual classrooms and virtual examinations.

This transition was quick-paced. Language software, eLearning apps, and collaboration tools have shown an incredible surge in usage.    

As per the World Economic Forum, the global education technology investment had marked a high growth by hitting $18.66 billion. By 2025, the overall marketplace of online education is expected to reach $350 billion. If we see the recent trends it is safe to assume that conversational AI is the future of the educational sector.

Conversational AI in the education sector:

Conversational AI’s growing importance in the education sector cannot be overlooked. It has evolved the modern teaching and learning methods in a promising way.

Conversational AI makes sure that the communication is smooth and free-flowing between the computers and users. Conversational AI is not just a chatbot, it’s indeed a smart bot.  It recognizes the language tricks, understands their queries, and skillfully guides them. If any query arises that is beyond the scope of conversational AI it directs the query to the person in charge. One more advantage of Conversational AI is that it delivers a human-like response this makes the users feel that they are interacting with an Actual Human Being. 

Conversational AI provides virtual assistance by the means of bots making the process of education soluble. 

The need for conversational AI in the education system:


We live in a digital era and like every other industry, education sector needs to catch up too. With the help of conversational AI, education sectors are succeeding to do so.  By embracing technology like AI chatbots education sectors can keep the students engaged and make the admission process easier. And no wonder the move is saving a lot of resources and time. 

How does conversational AI influence education?

Earlier the process of teaching, learning, and submitting assignments was a lengthy one. But since the emergence of conversational AI in the educational arena the process has become easier. Instead of a lot of paper load, technology has transformed the entire process of submission and evaluation. This has minimized the errors of judgment and has made the process free of bias. One more aspect that is significant to note is that students who used to carry numerous books just carry one single laptop now. Conversational AI has personalized learning and doubts solving.

How is conversational AI  shaping the future of the Educational sector?

Well isn’t that the whole point of this? AI-powered conversational tools are transforming the learning sector with interactive and customized tools. Let us have a quick look at the ways it is shaping the future of Education:

  1. Personalized learning experience:

The digitized version of the education sector is a prompt one.  With the introduction of AI in the day-to-day, education learning is becoming more personalised for students across the Globe. 

1) AI-powered teaching assistants:

Teaching bots can assist the faculties by being their virtual assistant. They can solve the queries of students as per the instructions given to them without any sort of human intervention. Bots can intelligently dig the content that is suitable for students and as per their interests. Conversational AI can also evaluate students' learning progress, deliver personalized feedback and suggest more significant learning content.   

2) Better and instant support:

With instant support, conversational AI helps students reach the peaks they aspire to in their careers. A bot on the website of a university can run students through brochures, admission procedures, scholarships and much more this helps students find exactly what they are looking for.

3) Automated administrative work:

With the presence of conversational AI on your website, the burden of tiring administrative work is lifted from your shoulders. AI does attendance, grading and other administrative time-consuming work quickly and as per given instructions. This helps the teachers to focus on topics rather than worrying about administrative work.

How Convert AI can act as a torch bearer here?

Convert AI does all the things mentioned above efficiently when given the right instructions. It is a conversational AI product deliberately built to facilitate the learning process. Convert AI will surely provide a helping hand in a seemingly long process of admission, teaching, grading and evaluation. The conversational sales platform is custom built to make the future of the educational sector brighter.

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