When you walk into a shopping store, you first walk directly into the desired aisle of clothes or furniture or to that one thing you had in mind. Once you are done purchasing that one thing is when the window-shopping and incidental buying begins.

The extensive built-in media features of WhatsApp’s commerce, like the Reply button, list messages, catalogs, etc., make shopping convenient. When clubbed with conversational AI capabilities, they create a personalized shopping experience. 

Conversational AI comprehends the intent and objective and directly takes the user to the desired aisle of products. Over time, this dramatically lowers dropout rates and improves conversions.



#2. Provide Customized Purchasing Assistance

Customers anticipate their preferred brand to be aware of their needs and purchasing patterns. According to a recent survey, 80% of consumers agreed.

D2C firms can actively engage with their customers throughout the buying cycle in a natural way by using a WhatsApp chatbot powered by an AI-recommendation engine like Oriserve, which has multilingual (+150 languages) capabilities. 

The WhatsApp chatbot can share periodic customized recommendations depending on cost, spending limit, and other preferences. And all this is in the form of conversations and not simply one size fits all offers and coupons.

#3. Reactivating Cold Leads

WhatsApp is a wonderful platform to restart conversations with those leads that are occupying rent-free space in your CRM. Your performance marketing will bring in new leads and customers, but with advanced automation AIs like Convert by Ori, WhatsApp will dramatically boost your bottom line by re-engaging with cold leads. As Bryan Eisenberg says, “It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than doubling your traffic.”


#4. Augmenting reach and conversions

D2C brands can use a WhatsApp chatbot to start a two-way conversation with their potential customers after driving traffic to their WhatsApp Business accounts. 

The WhatsApp chatbot would then converse with consumers to gather vital personal data and further information about their needs. Remember not all customers are at the same phase of their purchase decision. Think of #ChatGPT with a pre-defined objective of sales. With this data, strong prospect qualification and the creation of a customized sales funnel are made possible.


#5. Enabling Quick Payments and Assistance on WhatsApp

Brands are finding it challenging to hold consumers’ attention while simultaneously attempting to provide them with a quality customer experience. The average attention span has decreased to 8 seconds in 2022.

The simplicity of browsing, shopping, and even paying on a single WhatsApp window is provided by Ori AI’s WhatsApp Commerce solution. By preventing the focus of clients from being diverted to another tab only to make a payment, dropout rates significantly decrease.




Conversational commerce using WhatsApp business API has the potential to boost your brand KPIs. From increasing purchase intent, to sales and also re-engaging with cold leads. Your brand will not only have a better ROI but will dramatically have improved CSAT.


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