How to convert your traffic to buyers, through a hyper targeted and hyper personalised experience?

Businesses large and small, are increasingly finding it difficult to convert their traffic to buyers. We put together a quick read on how you can get your traffic to convert better by offering your users a hyper targeted and hyper personalised experience.

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It is fundamental to human nature to be more inclined towards things and people that make us feel special.

It’s on this premise that brands and organisations go that extra mile to make us feel more special – either through a touch of personalisation or a curated experience.


It’s maybe due to this reason that, customised goods and services are globally preferred by people; Forbes published a list in 2020 that shows the power of personalisation through various consumer statistics. Everybody loves the convenience of personalised service and especially so as it comes accompanied by a sense of self-importance.

A personalised experience is something that today’s customers expect – whether it be a customer purchasing an Insurance plan, an Automobile, a new mobile plan or a SAAS product for his business. 

Making your customer feel special through a hyper personalised and a hyper targeted experience is like rolling out a red carpet for them, making them feel special and something that can encourage conversions for your business as well.

The following paragraphs share some insights on how your brand can effectively convert traffic to customers through use of a hyper-targeted and hyper-personalised experience, but first – let us understand why most businesses struggle with personalisation and hyper targeting in the first place?

Why do most businesses struggle with personalisation?

When it comes to creating a hyper-personalised and hyper-targeted user experience, businesses struggle with a personalisation and targeted strategy due to inefficiencies in recording, organising and storing real time data.  

The one thing that can exponentially impact building a personalised and curated user experience is access to real-time insights and user data.

Having a smooth-functioning system in place for recording, organising, and accessing real-time data is a prerequisite to building a personalised and targeted communication strategy for your business. 

This data will provide you with the right information and insight about your target audience including not only what they expect from your brand, but how they perceive it currently.

Having access to real time insights on customers, the conversations they are having with your brand, the kind of questions they are asking when they are interacting with your businesses, goes a long way in creating an effective personalised communications strategy. 

About 70% of marketers struggle with outdated data.

And this outdated data gravely impacts conversions and can rarely be communicated to actionable insights that can be passed on to sales reps.

What if there was a way to capture all this real time consumer intent, insights and customer questions and at the same time enrich the CRM in real time – passing this information across the sales funnel to relevant sales reps?

Convert AI can help to accomplish precisely this. By gathering real-time insights from customer conversations, matches these conversations against intent, and performs funnel mapping for each customer, ultimately feeding the collected data to the CRM system for real-time use.

To know more about conversational analytics and insights using customer conversations, view our blog on Conversational Analytics.

Now that you have your data insights in place, let’s move on to building a hyper personalised and hyper targeted strategy that can help you convert!

Understanding your traffic.

The first step towards building the actual system, which will utilise the collected data to provide a hyper-personalised and hyper-targeted user experience, is understanding your target audience and your user traffic.

You must know who they are, where they come from, what kind of content they find appealing, and what kind of questions they have regarding your business.

Only through collecting and using this knowledge can you engage in a personalised conversation with the user. 

Additionally, another seemingly small but effective personalisation technique is to create custom user journeys or custom landing page for different sources of traffic.

A different landing page when the user is landing on to your site via a WhatsApp message, another when coming via an Ad on Google and yet another when coming via a Facebook Ad. This is an easy way to provide a semblance of personalisation to your target traffic.

Image showing simplified digital customer journeys on a landing page.

User lands on custom landing page – Your personalised digital sales rep initiates a conversation – Intent based conversation based on previous and current interaction – personalised recommendations basis conversation.

Here, the presence of a digital sales representative is beneficial as it can efficiently gather information from the CRM system and provide a context-rich, highly-personalised, and targeted conversation to old and new users alike.

Convert traffic on your Ads itself. From ads to closure via a single hyper personalised touch point.

Marketing nowadays is all about full-funnel marketing, that is, the engagement and retention of consumers across the consumer funnel. While marketers earlier focused on only top-of-the-funnel metrics such as clicks, page views etc, marketers today need to focus on growth, sign-ups and retention.

With all these complex digital click-throughs, at times, personalisation and context relevance can take a back seat.  

A conversational ad is so much more than just a regular ad that can only be used to get a particular message across to the users. Here the users can give their inputs in return and a whole conversation can take place via the interactive and hyper-personalised design of these ads.

Convert your traffic via conversational Ads.

Conversational ads greatly simplify the user experience by bringing the conversation to a single touchpoint.

This can have a great positive impact on conversions because of the ease of use and the highly personalised and targeted experience. 

These ads also enable a marketeer to bring the complete functions of the consumer funnel to a single touchpoint.

ORI’s Conversational ads, developed in partnership with Google, seamlessly sync with your CRM system and powered by ORI’s AI-enabled bot provide a wholesome experience that leads to higher conversions and improved ROI and ad spend.

Diagram showing that Complex digital click through are a thing of the past with conversational ads.

With Conversational Ads – Complex Digital Click throughs are a thing of the past.

Outbound on Steroids.

Personalisation doesn’t just have to be about inbound, it can be via outbound too.

Google RCS messaging brings a personalised, highly targeted, media-rich, and interactive user experience to the native Android messaging app.

RCS business messaging has come as a major upgrade to the outdated messaging system, which was boring and easy to ignore.

The new interactive feature is highly engaging and a lot more likely to bring in conversions via conversations. 

The statistics make it clear that a positive impact on traffic and overall engagement can be expected from this new highly personalised and targeted feature which will all inevitably result in a higher conversion rate.   

Google RCS messaging enables you to send outbound messages to your audience that are not only highly personalised, but highly contextual basis the actions a user has taken on your site or app, or basis how they have engaged with a particular piece of content.

These contextual messages along with Rich Media are designed in a way to guide traffic back to your site.

Additionally, Google RCS along with ORI’s cognitive digital sales assistants can automate customer conversations at scale for an unparalleled personalised and contextually relevant user experience. 

Making the online and offline aspects of your business work like magic.

When you are running your business both online and offline, online interactions can also have a great impact on offline sales. This online interaction includes the collection and analysis of data directly provided by the customer as well as the data insight collected through interactions with your smart cognitive digital sales representative. 

When this data is organised and fed into your CRM system, the CRM system in turn redirects this data to your physical outlets or the outlet closest to the customer’s location.

Later, when the customer visits the said outlet, the support staff already has all their relevant information, making it a delightfully efficient experience for all.

Through ORI’s cognitive AI platform, Convert, it is extremely easy to provide a personalised experience through a perfectly synced online and offline system that tracks and passes user insights and data in real-time, so that customer facing staff and store managers are on top of what is happening.

Imagine, you run an omni channel businesses – such as an online + offline eyewear store. A customer interacts with your business via your site or app.

On your site, mobile app or messaging app a customised digital sales rep collects relevant information such as the customers location, frame sizes, favourite colours, spectacle number etc.

Your customer then visits the store, and your store already knows details such as his favourite colours, spectacle numbers and other details, giving a personalised and effective experience, leading to a quick conversion and brand loyalty. 

This is and a lot more can be achieved through ORI’s cognitive AI platform – Convert.

Convert beautifully syncs with multiple CRM’s, regional store locations and multiple consumer touch-points to give real time insights on user intent and context which can be used to craft an effective personalisation strategy that is sure to improve conversions across the funnel.

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