It's no secret that sales are every auto manufacturer's first priority. Although traditional sales channels are essential, digital contact points attract the necessary audience. 

The intent and conversions are significantly increased when real conversational AI is integrated across all such digital communication platforms, including the website, Google Search/Display Ads, WhatsApp, Social media messages, etc. For Bajaj, Ori enabled one such conversational solution, which resulted in a 14X increase in digital sales.

2) Enhancing the customer experience:

Omnichannel chatbots and virtual assistants powered by conversational AI are being used to provide personalized, on-demand assistance to customers. These AI assistants can answer a wide range of customer inquiries, such as answering questions about a specific vehicle model or helping a customer schedule a service appointment. 

Recently, Ori and Tata Motors (Altroz) collaborated to develop a "Google Assistant pre-test drive to in-care synchronized experience" that highlighted the safety aspects of the vehicle as the key factor for test drives. Eventually, this sparked interest, which increased the number of test drives by an astonishing 4 times.

By providing quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries, chatbots and virtual assistants help in improving the overall customer experience.

3) Scheduling test drives:

For the employees, collecting the information of customers planning a test drive is tiring and somewhat challenging. But without human intervention, this work can be simply accomplished by the use of conversational AI. AI chatbots nowadays are perfectly suited to gather information and schedule test drives for customers and with Ori’s push-based intent sensing mechanism, it becomes way more simple.

Hence, with chatbots in use, scheduling a test drive without having to wait becomes simple and hassle-free for both businesses and customers.

4) Improving in-car experiences:

While traveling, customers require an immediate response. They need timely, precise responses to their queries. And what better tool to assist and answer customers than an AI chatbot can be?

When a customer needs assistance right away, chatbots can quickly handle their inquiries and offer immediate support. By conceptualizing the idea of a "Talking Car," which resulted in a seamless upgraded experience from smartphone to android auto, we at Ori carried out the same in Tata Altroz.

5) Enhancing supply chain management:

Conversational AI is also being used to optimize and streamline the supply chain in the automotive industry. 

Predictive analytics tools, for example, can be used to forecast demand and optimize production and inventory levels. This can further help in reducing waste and improving efficiency across the supply chain.

Bottom Line:

The advantages of implementing conversational AI like Ori are obvious. With features like Multilingual assistance offering service in +150 languages, Omnichannel presence, a hybrid approach, and flexible deployment, It carries the capability to accelerate your business's sales and client loyalty through the roof. You don't have to believe us; you can test it out on your own and see the outcomes.

The use of AI chatbots in the automotive sector has significantly improved our clients' perceptions of both customer satisfaction and overall customer experience. Schedule a demo right away if your company is ready to take a leap forward.

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