Using Conversations as a Lever for Lead Generation

Convert By ORI, conversations as lever for lead generation

Use instant, persistent and relevant conversations as a lever for Lead generation, here’s how!

Lead generation is the key motive of business and marketing activities, without which the base of business activities is lost. Different methods for lead generation have been used over the years however conversational AI remains top among those.

Conversational AI has been one of the most prominent techniques widely used for lead generation the reason it's a comparatively low investment with high ROI. Businesses that use AI chatbots are more likely to generate high-quality leads. Unlike human beings, a conversational AI can assist 24/7.

When a potential client or a person visits the website of a business their first interaction occurs with the conversational AI. Hence not deploying a conversational AI on your website is an unnecessary risky business.

Why is there a need to use conversational AI while doing business?

Simply because communication is the key to attracting and sustaining existing customers. Communication is the guiding light and conversational AI does just that, it engages the audience and keeps them engrossed by simply having a conversation.

Qualifying leads: 

Conversational AI qualifies leads without human intervention and directs them through the sales funnel. This makes the job of the sales department even easier.

Better ROI:

Conversational AI is synonymous with better ROI in every sense of the word. It helps in solving many business problems that existed traditionally. Leads generated ensure high quality.

Promising customer engagement:

Customer engagement is de facto for the success of any business out there. Customer engagement works wonders when done appropriately. Conversational AI not only provides 24/7 assistance but also helps to automate customer experience by adhering to their problems in real time. 

Here are a few ways to use conversational AI for lead generation:

Traditionally, acquiring leads is 10 times more expensive than converting the leads that you already have. Using AI chatbots for lead generation can significantly reduce the cost and effort that goes behind attracting customers to the top of the funnel.

Understanding and creating user persona:

The first and foremost crucial factor for lead generation is understanding your customers.

The demographics can be related to geography, gender, age group, economic status, etc. once the business has the knowledge of this it can be used to optimize the Conversational AI in such a way that it automatically generates qualified leads as per the requirement of customers. 

It is always better to focus on a certain group of the target audience than an entire community. 

Segregation and personalization:

Conversational AI can be used to segregate potential customers as per their preferences this can further assist in drafting personalized messages for each customer. Surely one way to keep the customers intact. Personalization appeals to the customers and guarantees loyalty.

Simplified identification:

It becomes convenient to identify and further collect the details of the visitors to your website using Conversational AI.

Automated Scheduling of appointments:

If the leads stand qualified conversational AI schedules appointments automatically. This gives the company an upper edge over the competitors. By giving customers a zero-effort process of conversion. It reduces the efforts of the sales department and lets them focus on the customers in a better way.

Proven relevance and educating audience:

It is true what they say, the best one is the relevant one. Using the given prospects' conversational AI helps educate the audience when they are browsing through your website.

Seamless agent handoffs:

In case there are complex queries that need human attention the AI can automatically direct them toward a competent person. In this way, the customer query is intelligently resolved and directed. Indeed, Conversational AI cannot replace humans however, it certainly increases their productivity. As the conversational AI provides a history of the previous conversation, it becomes easy for the employee to handle the task.

Offline lead generation:

Unlike human beings, conversational AI is never offline. Once installed it works forever. Hence it keeps generating leads even when its human counterpart is offline and that proves to be the biggest benefit. 

Reduction in Bounce rate: 

Using conversational AI is engaging. So even if customers are intending to bounce from your website, they feel the psychological need to interact with the Conversational AI bot. It understands customer requirements and gives you an advantage over competitors.

That’s what Convert does for you, the conversations act as a lever for lead generation and support your brand to seize the height of lead generation.

Convert provides an environment for your existing and potential customers to interact with the system directly and if the query isn’t resolved, it redirects the same, ultimately getting human attention. That does not only help to generate leads but also helps to work in a better way on the existing ones.

AI technology is the future of marketing and sales. Corporations are investing in conversational AI on a large scale each passing day. Convert is one of those tools that help your business grow and prosper in unimaginable ways. Are you ready to invest in the future? Then surely you must invest in Conversational AI.

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