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Having more than 1.3 billion monthly and 1 billion daily users, WhatsApp has been operating at a massive scale for quite some time. And the onset of the pandemic itself has taken its game to a whole new extent. Messaging on WhatsApp has increased beyond 50% in the last few months. In fact, the usage of video and voice calling has doubled than what it was before. This certainly proves WhatsApp usage has increased exponentially.


When the first wave of pandemics hit humanity, the world went to lockdown, more people started using messaging apps for video calls and texting. This resulted in the consumer market shifting to WhatsApp, the first one being the most popular with 2 billion users worldwide. And the introduction of Whatsapp for businesses became a savior. The businesses were now able to spread the word about their services and products which they were unable to do earlier. 

But the integration of WhatsApp with Convert, a conversational AI can elevate the game of modern-day businesses to a higher extent. As it offers personalized engagement at scale, acquires new customers, and generates valuable customer insights which will further spike conversions for your business and that too at no extra cost. Keeping all these points in mind this blog will help you understand why WhatsApp for businesses matched with the services of Convert has the potential of transforming businesses in the long run along with improving consumer service as a whole.


Brief History of Whatsapp marketing 


Though WhatsApp for business and advertising might feel like it has been around forever, its history tends to be, very brief and surprisingly recent. Two former Yahoo employees namely Jan Koum and Brian Acton founded WhatsApp in 2009, the app became insanely popular but remained free of business presence as its sole purpose was to connect people of every social stratum, and that too in a much simpler way. 

Even after being acquired by Facebook for $19 billion in 2014, its co-founders promised to keep WhatsApp ad-free. Over the years, WhatsApp released multiple new features to defend itself from competition like improved group features and a Snapchat-like 24-hour story update, while some others were designed to improve the integration of the app within the Facebook ecosystem.


In May 2018, Koum left WhatsApp due to a clash in the strategy with its parent company, Facebook, which has plans of moving towards a business and ad-friendly model. And so, with the interest in WhatsApp marketing came the release of new business-friendly features like the free WhatsApp Business app for Android in selected markets and revenue-generating WhatsApp Business API and Ads in WhatsApp Status Stories.


Knowing all this, now you must be quite familiar with the way how WhatsApp for business was introduced and the reason for the same. But the next question that you must be wondering of knowing the answer to would be why you should be choosing WhatsApp for your business. And the same would be answered in the next section.

Why choose WhatsApp for the purpose of business?

Messaging apps have become the #1 form of communication amongst consumers and brands. In most countries, phones and even SMS messaging have become secondary options next to these new means. This is because channel like WhatsApp is much more efficient and immediate than traditional methods of communication. Following are the reasons why you should choose WhatsApp as a medium of communication with your prospective customers:

It’s where most of your customers are

Out of all the messaging apps currently in the market, Whatsapp is the most used one, followed by Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

Offers a guarantee of better engagement

Whatsapp increases engagement because it transmits and strengthens credibility. It shows potential consumers that your business is not restricted to traditional bureaucratic channels of communication and that the customer experience is an important part of the said business.

Great reach and accessibility

Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging apps worldwide, having more than 2 billion users around the globe. Now is the time for businesses to make themselves more available and accessible for their customers, to contact them in channels they usually use and feel comfortable with. One feature that holds much importance is that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

Quicker responses

By using Whatsapp, you can answer more quickly by reusing useful and frequently sent messages for speeding up the support process. You can contact your target audience directly on their phones, anytime and anywhere.

What are WhatsApp Business APIs and their advantages? 

WhatsApp Business API is basically an interface that allows businesses to interact with their customers in a secure, private environment while allowing a more friendly and informal way of communication. The main idea of the WhatsApp API is to take the WhatsApp API endpoint and integrate it into their business software. In this way, they can interact with the customers smoothly and securely.

Advantages of WhatsApp business API include: 

  • The multi-login feature lets you add your teammates to support customers and work from different devices at the same time.
  • Offers you the capability of managing large volumes of incoming messages seamlessly.
  • You can send quick responses and automatic replies to your customers.
  • Official business account verification via a green checkmark develops credibility.
  • It allows third-party software integration which is the most important feature considering the integration of Conversational AI like Convert which plays a crucial role in boosting your sales and offering 1:1 customer engagement at scale.

Note: WhatsApp Business is different from WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp API is for medium and large-scale businesses whereas, WhatsApp Business is for small-scale businesses that need to communicate with their customers 1-on-1.

Integration Of WhatsApp with Convert: A leap towards transformation

Being close and personal along with developing brand credibility in your customers’ minds is the key to having the edge over your business competitor. With more and more people using digital media and social media platforms to connect, evaluate and make decisions, it is vitally important to look for effective methods to increase the reach of your business.

Developing a great product is the first challenge, but marketing it so that it is visible to its potential customers is the second and the biggest hurdle passing which later would convert into sales. With the world running on automated software and technologies, one can ace the business domain by implementing a personal, conversational AI like Convert to serve its customers.

Convert as a Conversational AI unified with WhatsApp brings huge advantages which are:

Improved revenue

Convert integrated with WhatsApp API lets you engage with your customers on the go using appropriate and customized messages. It also accelerates the process of product search and minimizes the time taken to purchase with its AI engine. Convert also offers the feature of up-selling and cross-selling to your customers which further improves the top-line drastically.

Enhances Customer experience

Convert lets you break the boundaries of the traditional and formal manner of communication with your customers. It provides the option of communicating through images, videos, and gifs which builds the connection of the brand with its consumers. The feature of reminding your customers of important dates and activities via timely alerts shows them that you care.

Reduced CAC

By unleashing the huge potential of Convert unified with WhatsApp brands have an opportunity of decreasing their CAC. As much as 30% of reduction in costs can be achieved by implementing Convert in collaboration with WhatsApp API. Convert has the ability to analyze customer behavior and self-train itself to cater to multiple customers simultaneously, thereby saving your training time and cost immensely. The contact center cost is further reduced due to its ability to work round the clock without any human intervention.

Higher reach

There are more than 2 billion users of WhatsApp messenger globally which proves that it is the most preferred platform for textual conversations. Convert as a Conversational AI for WhatsApp enables you to connect with almost all of your customers round the clock ensuring a higher reach and boost in sales ultimately.

Customer satisfaction at its best

Convert allows your customer to connect with you regarding any issue instantly, by not making them fill a form to respond or letting them wait for hours by using WhatsApp for business. Quick response and ease of access comprise a good customer experience and this is what drives a customer into giving positive feedback.

Looking upon all the features and advantages of Convert as a Conversational AI integrated with the services of WhatsApp API makes it one of the best in the market. Oriserve is very proud to launch these features in collaboration with Vodafone Idea, Rupify, and many other such businesses. The use cases that these businesses are driving with Convert integrated WhatsApp commerce are:


  • Driving conversions through personalized conversations.
  • Sending personalized product recommendations based on customers' needs & past behavior.
  • Driving orders through interactive messages and a seamless shopping experience overall.


Summing all things up, it becomes quite evident that WhatsApp commerce is assured to become the biggest game-changer in the e-Commerce scene. Customers don’t have to jump through multiple apps and websites just to find what they’re looking for. WhatsApp will become the most vital channel when it comes to generating sales and unlocking hyper exponential growth. Interested in knowing how Convert can take it to the next level?

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