Automate complex Sales conversations and close more deals on Facebook Messenger

Steer intuitive, personalized, and interactive conversations on Facebook with the #1 Conversational Sales Intelligence platform.

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Map your customer lifecycle on Facebook by integrating Messenger, Facebook Live, Facebook Ads, Shops, Posts, and Analytics into your retail mix.

Stay always on brand. Lift engagement. Increase Revenue

Interact with customers on Facebook Messenger in a fun and friendly way, while keeping the brand’s unique tone and voice.

Our awesome features
From shopper interest to cart creation. It’s just a conversation away.

Fast-track product discovery. Speed up conversion rates with human-like AI virtual agents that respond like you would.

Our awesome features
Gather first party customer data and insights. Much beyond user ID’s and interest.

A goldmine of valuable, real-time customer preferences, conversational insights and first party data integrated with your existing CRM.

Our awesome features
Recognize your most loyal customers and help during each buying stage

Right from the thoughtful & personalized recommendations to the final payment stage without them having to leave the chat.

Our awesome features
One to one conversations at the Zero moment of truth.

Be it a Facebook live event or Facebook Ad - tap into excited high intent prospects immediately with click to chat integrations across Facebook Live, Post and Native ads.

Our awesome features
Super smooth handovers.

Let your sales reps jump into conversations at the right time with complete context.

Our awesome features
Create a unified interaction channel on Facebook Messenger

Address sales and support from a unified chat interface with conversational AI intelligence.

Our awesome features

The secret sauce to 8X Conversions on Facebook Messenger

Sales Enabling AI

Fast track sales with shortest closure path, reconnect propensity.

Contextual Conversations

Creates intuitive conversations while switching back and forth between intents.

Lead capture - qualify - engage

Collect and qualify leads in real-time. Sync with other systems for re-engagement.

Real Talk AI

Sentiments, dialects, and aberrations form a solid basis of empathetic human-like conversations.

Super Secure and Encrypted

Industry-best privacy, regulations, compliance and encryption.

Break the language barrier

Multilingual conversations with customers in the language they prefer.

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