Google Business Messaging + Ori AI

ORI's advanced conversational AI and Google Business Messages give you a mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences that delight customers and drive business results.

Google business messages - Ori AI

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The Ori AI advantage

Not another chatbot but an advanced conversational AI

Truly Multi-lingual & Omnichannel

Ori's cognitive virtual assistants converse with your customers in the language of their choice and the tone of your brand across various platforms.

Pattern Discovery

Ori's, global first insight discovery engine learns from unstructured conversations and offers preemptive pattern analysis on seasonal trends, preferences, affinities, and competitive analysis.

Real-time Marketing Intelligence

Ori's dashboard provides analytics and real-time data, enabling you to understand your customers better and make decisions backed by data.

Improved Sales Performance

ORI delivers sales communication analytics. Tracks and improves conversations across the customer lifecycle. Improve online to offline conversions and tracking across the sales funnel.

Built-in optimization with Deep learning

Ori's bot gets smarter with every conversation. With deep learning, reinforcement learning, hyper-transfer learning, topic modeling, and brand & context understanding.

Easy implementation. Super Secure.

100% Secure and completely encrypted.

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Our awesome features
Leveraging organic search results to foster trust for online jewellery buying.

INR 1 Million in revenue was generated within 7 days of implementation. 17% increase in cart size owing to conversational commerce. 62% Visitors to Lead conversion.

Our awesome features
Enabling digital migration at scale for a global telecom player.

Over 30% reduction in customer acquisition costs. 2X uptake of services by enabling effective conversational commerce. 40X more conversions through the use of real-time marketing intelligence.

Our awesome features
Digital launch for a Global 2 wheeler manufacturer.

Increase in visitors to lead conversion by 33%. Lead scoring across the funnel. Synced with CRM for prioritization and retargeting. ORI's cognitive virtual assistants - the highest conversion channel with the most qualified leads.

Our awesome features
Acquisition methodology for India's largest vehicle manufacturer.

30X better conversion rates compared to best-in-class auto campaigns. 5k test drive leads 1.8k booking leads 115k conversations, 900 DAUs. Data insights with user attribute mapped against car features.

With 47% of customers messaging a business before transacting, it's time you make it easier for people to reach you!

With ORI's, cognitive conversational bots - you get the power of deep learning, reinforcement learning, Hyper-transfer learning, topic modelling and Brand & context understanding along with deep data insights to profitably boost customer conversations and conversions.

Ori in the News!

World's greatest brands are in awe of Ori's conversational AI

Trusted by some of the biggest brands, ORI is a Google Partner and the first in the Asia Pacific region to implement a Google Business Messaging solution.

"VIC, an AI-powered intelligent customer service platform, developed by our Technology partner, ORISERVE, is an industry first initiative and has huge relevance, especially in today's digital-first world"

Vishant Vora
Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone Idea.

Awarded the best customer engagement bot in Asia Pacific by Microsoft.

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