VI How Vi increased cross-sell instances by 4x and reduced Customer acquisition costs by 30%.

We have always been at the forefront of adopting cutting edge technologies to enhance customer experience. Our industry-first VIC is an intuitive, simple-to-use, secure solution that allows customers to converse with Vi by leveraging the power of AI. Its integration across platforms, including the award-winning Google Business Message integration, has helped us substantially enhance customer experience. We are happy to receive this recognition along with our technology partner, ORISERVE. Their global first automation stack is enabling us to stay at the forefront of industry-leading customer experiences, across languages and geographies, with agility. Jagbir Singh, Chief Technology Officer, VIL

Vodafone idea Conversational commerce case study

Reduction in cost of acquiring customers


Uptake of services through upsell


Increase in revenue through convert AI

About VI

Manage individual permissions using our granular privacy settings, and keep track of everything at a glance with high-level, multi-project visibility.


Telecom & Telecommunications.

Solutions Used

Convert Cold. Convert Warm. Convert Insights. Contact Center Management


Website Bot. Mobile App Bot. Whatsapp Sales Bot. Google Business Messaging. Google RCS. Email Bot.

The Challenge

Vodafone Idea is one of the largest telecom providers with an Indian subscriber base of over 350 Million.

Vi wanted to create an omni-channel digital strategy to migrate Vi’s diverse customer base towards quick and easily accessible interactions.

The digital migration of customer conversations had to cover all customer interactions with the brand.

Right from brand awareness, product discovery, offers, custom plans, sales, customer value management, support, retention and customer winback.

The Solution

ORI created an AI powered virtual sales agent to personalise and automate the online sales journey for new plans and bundles.

ORI built and deployed Vic – An omni-channel, multi-lingual bot across multiple channels viz. Whatsapp, Google RCS, Business Messages, the Vi Website as well as the Vi mobile app.

Vic was built with cutting edge AI technology backed by ORI’s Convert platform, capable of managing over 100,000 complex conversations at a time.

The system handles the most challenging contact center conversations from support, query resolution, customer winback and retention to sales and upselling of new plans.

Each channel was fully integrated across the suite of BSS/OSS, OPNVF, ONAP, PCRF, CRM and Vi’s marketing automation stack to deliver solutions in real time.

The fully integrated system which manages 800 Million annual messages while further capturing conversational insights and analytics to enrich the CRM and marketing automation stack.

Convert by ORI’s system and Vi’s AI powered virtual sales agents are now being deployed across customer acquisition campaigns to reduce customer acquisition costs as well as Vi’s internal systems across HR, IT and Admin.

The Outcome

80% reduction in number of live chat agents within 2 months of deployment. 

Over 30% reduction in customer acquisition costs. 

4X uptake of services through cross sell and up-sell instances. Powered by Convert AI’s Virtual sales agents – Vic. 

A 3 point increase in CSAT achieved by rapidly increasing response accuracy from 75% to 92% in 45 days. 

Real time marketing intelligence from conversational insights that shaped communication and product strategy – driving 40X more conversions.

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