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Have you wondered, how even a 5-year-old today is so comfortable interacting with an AI? To think about it, it’s almost an extension of our brain now. 

Something comes to my mind and I inform Alexa, it communicates back, which allows me to process my emotions. 

To say the least, AI has become integral to every sphere of our daily routine.

At Ori, we innovate, create and deploy conversational AI solutions for global brands across the sector. As per Gartner projections, the market for conversational AI platforms was worth $3.8 billion globally in 2021, rising 55% from the previous year. 

Till now, in 2022, Ori has handled over 2 billion conversations. Assisting customers of brands find the right product, making a seamless purchase experience, and even managing customer support. 

As we near 2023 we list 5 key developments in the adoption of Conversational AI.

1. Real conversational AI

A lot of experience today with chatbots can be boring and sometimes frustrating too. That is because most of the bots are simple rule-based responses. However, advanced chatbots like “Convert” can actually understand intent and context and respond with intelligence. 

As chatbots become more communicative and cognitive, the user experience will improve as the next significant step. Real conversational AIs will comprehend sentiments and make interactions almost human-like. Real conversational AI will become an integral part of a superior customer experience for brands.

2. Truly multi-lingual

There has been a lot of research conducted on making AI comprehend languages than simply translating from English. Chatbots will soon be proficient in multiple languages, including Hinglish and even various dialects. At Ori, we have filed for a patent for the way we process languages. We’ve modeled our language tech stack on how the human brain learns and understands languages. In the coming months and years, we expect the industry to implement conversational AIs that can mimic its customers' language, without simple translations.

3. Way more than “if this then that”

The first ever chatbot was created way back in 1960 by MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum. By 2022 the evolution of chatbots has been phenomenal, to put it simply. In the next few years, we will see conversational AI become as smart as “J.A.R.V.I.S”. Users will be able to have conversations than just give instructions. And based on these conversations, AI will recommend the best buying options, help users realize their needs and wants and be able to fathom complex emotions. The interactions will be more intuitive than based on triggers. 

According to Juniper Research, advances in NLP and Machine learning will lower the current failure rate of AI engagements, making conversational AI far more robust and valuable for customers.

4. Unsupervised learning

It so happens that as we mature, we begin to learn how to think more effectively from our own experiences. Independent of any assistance or direction from adults or our teachers. Because we've put our minds through repeated training over the years, we begin to understand the key points from a specific piece of information. AIs will advance on this path in 2023. AI can classify hidden patterns of complex human thought without assistance or special training, thanks to unsupervised machine learning.

5. Almost human-like cognition

There is no denying that we adore someone who is attentive to our feelings and moods. Because you don't need to express your feelings to that person. By 2023, chatbots will be more communicative and cognitive, and AI will be able to do the same by using sentiment analysis. In addition to giving chatbots human-like abilities, this will improve the user experience going forward. Because we understand that deploying a chatbot involves more than just providing speedy responses; it actually involves delivering a positive customer experience.

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