Drive sales through contextual conversations on FB messenger. Here’s how to do it.

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With evolving times, Facebook Messenger is rapidly becoming a vital marketing tactic for businesses across all sectors. Having more than 1.3 billion users globally, and expectations for the number to grow close to 2.4 billion users by 2022, it is an invaluable channel for enterprises.

Facebook Messenger for Business provides infinite opportunities and massive potential for companies worldwide.

Convert AI, a conversational Sales AI engine can be used in sync with Messenger to personalize engagement at scale, acquire new customers, and generate valuable customer insights which will further increase conversions and improve the ROI for your brand.

In this guide, you’ll get a deeper look at how the integration of messenger with a conversational AI system can lift conversions for you, as well as get insights as to how you can take advantage of it to increase your sales.

Why use Facebook Messenger for business?

Messaging is one of the fastest-growing modes of communication for friends, family, and increasingly, businesses. Facebook Messenger for Business is one of the messaging apps companies are using most often to communicate and connect with customers and potential prospects. As it allows enterprises to create rewarding and friendly conversations with their customers.

Rather than a “one to many”, impersonal and ineffective approach to consumer marketing, Facebook Messenger enables businesses with a one-to-one approach to marketing which provides brands the opportunity to personalize every touchpoint, even before they connect with your website or mobile app.

The ability to directly message your audience holds much importance, especially when Facebook can have users stay on their platform. More than 89% of users access Facebook on their mobile devices and they check Facebook an average of 14 times a day. This proves that people have an intimate relationship with Messenger.

When your company starts conversations with users, you’re befriending them on that level. This is how you can change business relationships into personal ones.

Though Messenger offers immense opportunities for businesses to engage customers, generate sales, and increase profitability. These are some of the reasons why you should be using Facebook Messenger for business in 2022 :

Generate high-quality interested leads:

When a person as a consumer reaches out to you through Messenger, it creates an opportunity for you to follow up, which causes a substantial increase in the amount of lead generated.

Fosters consumer trust in your brand:

Your organization becomes easier to trust if it always remains open to dialogue. The fact that a customer can message a business anytime makes them feel more confident and attracted to it.

Derives a hike in marketing performance and enhances your marketing funnel:

As a business, you would always be focused on meeting your performance marketing or sales targets. Messenger for business helps in actually turning those numbers on paper into reality.

Influence consumer’s intent to purchase:

Research suggests that 65% of the consumers are likely to purchase from a business they can connect with (via chat).

Provides quality customer service:

A survey conducted by Facebook revealed that 75% of the respondents feel comfortable reaching out to businesses via chats for support which provides brands the opportunity to establish credibility.

What is Conversational AI and how can it prove to be beneficial for your business?

Conversational AI is the technique of using AI to communicate with users in natural, human-like conversations. This is done by understanding their text or speech inputs, identifying the intent behind them, and responding with relevant information. But due to the increase in competition in the modern world, businesses nowadays don’t have much time. And the usage of traditional marketing techniques takes up an ample amount of time. This is where the use-case of Convert as a conversational AI lies.

Convert by ORI is changing the way businesses used to interact and engage with their customers. It not only helps organizations meet customer demands – be available 24×7, respond quickly, personalize the interaction but also provides options for customers to choose their channel and language of communication as per their convenience. These aspects combined with that of the messenger are definitely the key to driving sales. Let’s understand how in the below section.

Ways to use Facebook Messenger with Convert for the purpose of driving sales

There are many ways you can use Messenger in sync with Convert to increase sales and boost your ROI. These are some of them :

1) By automating the sales process: With Facebook Messenger, you can engage with consumers and prospects at scale. You can conveniently guide customers, offer responses, personalize experiences, provide recommendations, drive business outcomes, and much more.

2) Personalize the customer experience by using the collected data: Facebook Messenger merged with the powers of Convert AI has the ability to provide personalized customer experiences by using collected data. Convert identifies customer intents and responds accordingly, and helps customers find products that are most likely to convert quickly, especially in the case of large product catalogs. This hyper-relevant and effortless personalized shopping experience increase the chances of conversion by three times.

3) Enhance customers’ shopping experience using conversational intelligence: Convert is revolutionizing the online shopping experience of consumers by improving it substantially. Having the feature of context management it recognizes customer needs and initiates personalized conversations, suggests products, replies to queries, and returns prospects to the buying process. Hence using the services of Convert along with messenger can prove beneficial.

4) Using Social Data to refine Marketing: Messenger powered with the capabilities of Covert collects vast amounts of declared data from customers via questions which can further be used by businesses to improve their retargeting efficiency alongside optimizing their marketing strategy.

Advantages of using FB Messenger with Convert 

Though the integration of Messenger with Convert has many large-scale advantages in the coming times. The following are to name a few :

  • Offers Intelligent AI assistance: Convert as a conversational AI analyses consumers’ varied replies and answers accordingly within no time, reducing customer service costs and improving your customer experience. It also makes product recommendations and closes sales.

  • Alerts at appropriate times: Inventory and pricing changes can comfortably be taken care of by using Convert. Customers can opt into intelligent reminders in Facebook Messenger with little effort, and you can leverage inventory restocks or price changes to bring customers back to complete purchases.

  • Helps in Reflecting Brand personality: Nowadays, people don’t usually prefer talking to chatbots. As they are pre-filled with data and cannot counter human conversation variance. In this case, Convert not only helps brands by being an AI that can counter any variance in conversation but also reflects the brand personality involved with the businesses.

  • Cart Recovery: Convert boost sales by re-engaging with customers in Facebook Messenger if they abandon their shopping cart. Bringing customers back to complete their purchases is seamless with Convert (contact us for a demo and we’ll show you how).

Conclusion and Key Takeaway :

After knowing all this, it’s very clear that Facebook Messenger is becoming a key channel for the future of marketing. With billions of people on Messenger and more projected to use it in the near future, Messenger offers a huge opportunity for the growth of companies worldwide.

As now you have the top to bottom course knowledge about how Facebook Messenger teamed up with Convert can be a boon for businesses, we hope you will give your business brand the advantage of reaching out to your audience before they even know that they are your future customers. For more info related to Convert and its features, do visit 

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