What the MoEngage and Convert by ORI partnership means for the sales automation landscape.

Chatbot use cases

The recently announced Convert by ORI and MoEngage partnership brings the power of 2-way automated sales conversations to Whatsapp business channels, helping brands lift conversions and improve customer value management through Whatsapp. 

Through this partnership, brands can drive results across Customer Value Management journeys - including Lead Generation, Sales Conversion and Customer Win Backs.  

Convert by ORI, was recently voted by Google as the #1 B2C conversational revenue acceleration platform for its ability to bring human-like, automated 2 way conversations to Whatsapp and other online communication channels. 

Our awesome features

What does this partnership unlock for brands?

This partnership brings some of the most powerful, high impact use cases to WhatsApp.

1) Product recommendations and selection: Trigger human-like two-way conversations to recommend the right product at the right time to users.

Impact: A global lifestyle brand saw a 9% increase in total cart value through recommendations made during purchase.

2) Abandoned cart win-back and re-engagement Trigger context-relevant and personalized re-engagement messages on Whatsapp to win-back users. Engage them with deeper conversations using conversational insights.

Impact: 165% improvement in recovery of abandoned carts for a major global D2C player.

3) Interactive offers: 

Engage users conversationally by offering relevant discounts via Whatsapp. 

Trigger them from MoEngage and build follow-up automation based on offer redemption status, response feedback (eg this offer is not appropriate, I want an offer on shoes not on bags etc)

Impact: 5X better conversions during the White Friday campaign for a high street Middle East retailer.

4) Post-purchase Customer Value Management

Personalize product replenishment notifications and relevant up-sell and cross-sell suggestions via 2-way conversations on Whatsapp.

Enable deeper ongoing communication by using deep conversational insights.

Impact: A D2C fashion brand saw a 27% increase in sales through relevant up-sell and cross sell recommendations.

This partnership further strengthens the conversion and customer communications capability of the MoEngage platform and adds an additional layer of intelligent conversational insights  - that brands can use to understand their customers better. 

With an enriched customer profile - brands can now enable context rich 2-way interactive campaigns from MoEngage on Whatsapp and other communication channels such as (In-App, Messenger, WeChat etc).  

How does the integration work? 

The two solutions are now integrated at the platform level.

This means if you are a MoEngage customer you can set up and use Convert by ORI to supercharge your customer communications on Whatsapp.

It’s a simple 2 step DIY set-up that takes less than 24 hours to make live.

You can talk to your MoEngage Customer success representative or write to contactus@oriserve.com to initiate this.

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